Chrysler Employees Get Creative

You may very well be aware of the wide selection of new Chrysler vehicles available at Thompson Chrylser Jeep Dodge Ram, but what about the folks who work hard to make sure that these vehicles make it to our lot? When it comes down to it our staff has a lot of respect for the honest, hard-working men and women that produce vehicles and vehicle components for Chrysler.

Recently Chrysler, along with the United Auto Workers Union gave workers in the automotive industry the freedom to show their creative side by sponsoring 92 artistic pieces. These 92 pieces of art were in part created by 50 unionized auto workers. The event which is entering its ninth year is aptly named the Artists at Work Exhibition. The idea behind this exhibition is to show the creative process behind the production and manufacture of vehicles on a large scale.

"Art and manufacturing have more in common than you might think," discussed the Chrysler-UAW National Training Center co-director Keith Mickens. "The creative process involved in producing a memorable image on a canvas can be used to help build quality vehicles on an assembly line." 1

The artistic expo drew over 600 submissions that would ultimately be narrowed down to 92 by a group of Detroit based professional artists. Three employees received the coveted "Best of Show" recognition while another eleven were recipients of honorable mentions.

If you would like to see how these auto industry employees  put their creativity into Chrysler vehicles come on in to Thompson Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram located at 124 North Point Boulevard in Baltimore today.

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